Service Library - FAQ
Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH

How do I register in the Service Library?

Read the registration information >>.

1. Fill in the order form >> completely.

Make sure that your Service Manager signs the order form.

2. Personal registration.

Register >>

You must register on the Service Library website >>.

3. You will receive a confirmation email.

This may take a few days.

How do I log in to the Service Library?


You have a CWS account.

You have fully registered with the Service Library see above >>.

1. From the Service Library website, click on the Login >> link.

2. Log in with your credentials from your CWS account.

Which access data (username & password) do I have to enter?

In the Service Library, log in with your CWS account credentials.
So you need a CWS account. Contact your Identity Manager if you do not have a CWS account.

The Service Library does not issue a password or username.

Please read the registration information. Each user must register once. Registration includes the order form and personal registration in the portal.
Registration information.pdf >>
Personal registration >>

You can list several people on the order form. Make sure that your Service Manager signs the order form. If you do not know your Service Manager, please contact your Territory Manager.
Fill in the Order Form
Orderform.pdf >>

You will receive access to the Service Library when you have completed the registration process and received the confirmation e-mail.


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